Carpet Cleaning And Repair Tips

Let’s face it. It has to be done. Personally, I put it off as much as possible. What is this dreaded chore? It is carpet cleaning. I have a couple kids and a couple dogs. My carpets get dirty.

There are times when all I need is a little cleaning. Perhaps something spilled, or worse yet, we had an accident. I keep some carpet cleaning solution always on hand at my home for just those times. I spray on the solution, let it sit a little, scrub the stain a little and the spot is gone. I am considering getting one of those spot removal carpet cleaning machines to help with scrub away some of the more difficult spots and stains.

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After a while though, I find that my carpet needs a more thorough cleaning. Maybe the spill covered a large area or it has been a few months since the carpet has been really cleaned and I have had many spots and stains. Like many people, I have found it convenient to go and rent a Rug Doctor to do my carpet cleaning. The challenge always is to time my rental so I do the most cleaning in the time allotted. If my rental is 24 hours, then I really have overnight to do as much cleaning as possible. When I rent the Rug Doctor to do my carpet cleaning, I pick up some cleaners and carpet deodorizers at the same time to remove pet odors from my carpet. These work well.

The other carpet cleaning I have done is to call in the professionals. I personally put that off as much as possible, mostly because I really need to clean up the rooms enough to move all the furniture around. Once the professionals come to do the carpet cleaning, they do a great job. They move all the furniture and give my carpet a wonderful deep cleaning. Once the carpet is clean, they return the furniture to its right place, usually placing the furniture on small foam blocks to preserve the carpet until it is fully dry.

I have one comment to make about having carpet cleaning professionals come to clean your carpets. The chemicals used may be strong. If you are sensitive or have some chemical or cleaning agent allergies, you may want to be somewhere else until the carpets have been cleaned, are fully dry and you have let some fresh air come into your house. Other than that, I have found my experience with the professionals to be great and well worth the time and effort.