How to Make Your Own Cleaning Kit

Owning or living in a home leads to the inevitable issue of proper housekeeping and carpet cleaning. That can be achieved in many ways, however proper organisation could help you go a long way as you do these tasks, as we will cover here. A simple carryall cleaning kit would allow you to get things taken care of as you go, rather than looking for what you need whenever you see something new that needs attention. Let’s begin with a few tips on what you may need prepared before a cleaning task: make a cleaning kit_1Dusters If you have to deal with excessive amounts of dust, it is very likely the dusters you’re using are most often worse off than the surface you have to clean.

One thing you can do to avoid that is to vacuum your duster after you’re done each time, as this will allow you to wipe the slate clean, so to speak. Doing so on a regular basis will be a good way of keeping your home clean and your tools equally so. Using sponge erasers There are some specific eraser sponges made for removal of grime and dirt with increased efficiency. Created from a type of melamine foam, they sink in and pull out the dirt embedded in their target surfaces. These can clean up some very tough and otherwise nigh-impossible stains, such as crayons. If you have experienced improvised kids drawings on your house walls, then you know what we mean by that. Using a bit of water and a sponge eraser will give you the tool you need for that specific situation.

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Regular sponges Even though people often point them out as a breeding farm for germs, they are very useful for regular, light cleaning purposes. You can use at least two of those for your purposes, then when you are done with them you can do something else: microwave them on high for about a minute. It may sound dangerous, however they will not burn as long as they are wet. The microwaves will destroy microorganisms present in the sponge, effectively sanitizing it via low-level radiation. Avoid doing that with steel wool however, unless you want to create dangerous electric sparks. Superglue Although it is not a cleaner of any sort, having a little tube of that glue handy will let you tackle small problems around the house.

Cracked or broken objects and other things may indeed be taken care of with ease if you have one available as part of your tool kit. You can fix and clean at the same time without even thinking about it. Toothbrushes and other brushes Sometimes you will need a small enough tool to reach places otherwise unreachable. Toothbrushes are easily available and cheap, so they make an excellent tool for harder spots and things like soap scum, dust and more all around the home. You can even use them to clean the spaces between tiles in your bathroom and more.